Retirement Plan Solution™


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No one knows your retirement dreams and business needs like you do. Your ability to focus on these goals has made you the success you are today.

We realize that increased global competition, rapid technology changes, and cumbersome government regulations have made keeping your investment strategy on the right track a challenge for even the most well-informed investor. The trouble is, it is critical to the success of your personal investments and business 401(k) plans that you remain well-versed in today’s rapidly changing market.

Let The Segrust Group work for you. We have mastered the Retirement Plan Solution. It’s a comprehensive, evolutionary six-step process that’s built around three principles – simplicity, focus and balance.

Simplicity – We do the work for you.

There is much more to setting a plan in motion than just picking a few funds and creating a diverse portfolio. Let us present a variety of investment options to you, make a smooth transition from one plan to the next, and intermediate issues that arise under the administration of your 401(k).

Focus – Results, not procedures.

Our expertise is in helping you get the results you want, without getting you bogged down in complex rules and regulations. Once your plan is implemented, we monitor it regularly to make sure it meets your goals and objectives over time. Now you’re free to focus on your business and life.

Balance – Minimizing costs, creates exceptional value.

Vital to the success of your plan is achieving the investments you seek. Your plan participants will also be looking to maximize the benefits of their investment. We will meet with you and your participants, discuss options, and offer ongoing communications as we evaluate the 401(k) investment performance.